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The Fans
The Fans
""Our Music is For them and About Them..."

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  02/28/01 07:11:39 AM  
What is your name?   Dyan
Your website:   Dyan's Den
Fave song on Undone:   T-top Queen or Valentine (I can't decide I love them both)
Top 5 cd's:   Undone, Medicine Sessions, any cd's I burn I like to mix different songs.
Fave Actor:   Adam Sandler, Matt Damon
Fave Actress:   Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston
Quote to live by:   i dunno...I don't feel creative to think of one right now!
Fave song:   Yellow by Cold Play and T-top Queen
Best PDT moment:   My 21st birthday at the Patio on March 24, 2000
No. of PDT shows attended:   3 or so
First album you bought:   can't remember
1st concert:   Garth 3 years ago...he was amazing!
Birthday:   March 24, 1979...don't forget it!
Any Comments:   I love Push Down and guys will forever rock!
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  02/13/01 03:47:20 PM  
What is your name?   John Newport
Fave song on Undone:   Valentine
Top 5 cd's:   Undone, Medicine Sessions, Newport's Mix - a collection that I burned myself including PDT, The Hits - Garth Brooks, License to Ill - Beastie Boys
Fave Actor:   Steve Bushimi (the guy from Armagedon, Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Fargo, etc.
Fave Actress:   Katie Holmes
Quote to live by:   What if the Hokey Pokey really was what it's all about?
Fave song:   Roller Coaster (of Love)
Best PDT moment:   Shooting Jager with the band at Simrells
No. of PDT shows attended:   10 or so
First album you bought:   Survivor - One with "Eye of the Tiger" Don't remember which album
1st concert:   Rush at Deer Creek
Birthday:   2/2/78
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  02/08/01 09:13:45 AM  
What is your name?   Shel- from the Lou-Crew
Fave song on Undone:   Undone
Top 5 cd's:   Undone, Medicine Sessions, Mental Jewelry, The Wall, Sunday Six
Fave Actor:   Kevin Spacey
Fave Actress:   Kathy Bates
Quote to live by:   Fuggit!!!!!!
Fave song:   Dance with You-That's a song from Live
Best PDT moment:   To paraphrase Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.... Watching a man hump his keyboard and finding it DEAD SEXy.
No. of PDT shows attended:   8ish
First album you bought:   Soundtrack-Grease
1st concert:   Oh EW.. why am i admiting this... NKOTB March 90
Birthday:   7/23/76
Any Comments:   Uhm.... that's my stapler..... just call me Milton/
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  02/07/01 08:19:19 PM  
What is your name?   Alice
Fave song on Undone:   hmmm... Be or Undone...depends on whether I'm happy or sad.
Top 5 cd's:   currently...Richie Sambora-Undiscovered Soul, BonJovi-Crush, Billy Joel-anything, City of Angels-(musical) Original Cast Recording, PDT
Fave Actor:   John Cusak..
Fave Actress:   Eileen Ryan (she played granny on the Beverly Hillbillies)
Quote to live by:   Never trust a man who wears flip flops (Kirsten McKinney-Traughber 1990)
Fave song:   Just Older
First album you bought:   Can you say "Physical" Olivia Newton John...eek
1st concert:   Bon Jovi - Rosemont Horizon 1988
Birthday:   June 1, 1971
Any Comments:   The site is looking Great Paul!
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  02/06/01 06:21:07 PM  
What is your name?   Kristie Vantlin
Your website:   Tay Bourquein Fan Site
Fave song on Undone:   Won't Go Away
Top 5 cd's:   Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits, Push Down & Turn - Undone, Blink 182 - The Mark, Tom and Travis Show, U2 - Best of U2 (1980-1990), Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water
Fave Actor:   Tom Cavanagh
Fave Actress:   Keri Russell
Quote to live by:   I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.-- A. Whitney Brown
Fave song:   Ugly - Push Down & Turn
Best PDT moment:   Standing in a torrential downpour while they played a show in Carbondale, IL!
No. of PDT shows attended:   Too many to count. I'd say 97% of all their shows since May of '98
First album you bought:   Motley Crue - Shout at the Devil
1st concert:   Warrant, Trixter and Firehouse @ Deer Creek
Birthday:   December 1, 1975
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  02/06/01 04:48:27 PM  
What is your name?   Lee
Top 5 cd's:   Too many favorites to pick 5
Fave Actor:   Sir sean conery
Fave Actress:   Cher, everthing she's ever acted in she is very real in!
Quote to live by:   " This is not a dress re-hearsal!!" Live now!!
Best PDT moment:   Finding them in c-dale down pour!
No. of PDT shows attended:   (8)shows
First album you bought:   passion play jethro tull album,classical gas mason williams 8-track,midnight confession on 45, boston cassette.
1st concert:   Alice cooper w/snake rosie 1974 what a weird show!
Birthday:   4/25/many moons ago
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  02/06/01 04:44:46 PM  
What is your name?   Jerry
Fave song on Undone:   Won't Go Away
Top 5 cd's:   U2-Achtung Baby, Van Halen-Van Halen, Push down and turn-Undone, Prince-Purple Rain, Van Halen-Jump
Fave Actor:   Pacino/Deniro
Fave Actress:   Lilli Tomlin (she's hilarious) best in 9to5
Quote to live by:   :"Listen to Push down and happy!!"
Fave song:   When Doves Cry- Prince
Best PDT moment:   When Jason Brown let my girlfriend play the tamborine, the last time they played at Simerell's, it really made her feel good. Now she calls it her tamborine and gets mad anytime Jason lets another wo
No. of PDT shows attended:   Let me count,probably approaching twenty
First album you bought:   Can't remember and if I could, I probably wouldn't want to say!
1st concert:   Actually it was push down and turn, about a month before Van Halen
Birthday:   Feb. 24, 1978
Any Comments:   Nothing really, just keep up the good work Paul!!

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  02/05/01 09:56:33 AM  
What is your name?   Tracie Louise Cissell
Fave song on Undone:   As always until he replaces it.... Glass Carousel
Top 5 cd's:   Any PDT cd, Dice (Velcro Pygmies), Mental Jewelry (Live), Pyromania (Def Leppard) Everything by Stevie Nicks
Fave Actor:   Gabriel Byrne
Fave Actress:   Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Quote to live by:   Life is but a dream. We are the dreamers. When we give up the dream is when we start to die. -Author-Me
Fave song:   1. Amazing Grace 2. Glass Carousel 3. Won't Go Away. 4. Spring Street 5. Undone 6. The Flame Still Burns
Best PDT moment:   First show. March 10, 1994-Patio of the Butchertown Pub in Louisville, Kentucky. Cause I knew I'd found the best band in the world, and my #1 favorite.
No. of PDT shows attended:   lost count somewhere in the 100+ range.
First album you bought:   The Game- Queen
1st concert:   Elvis Presley (Even at the age of 5 I knew and understood the power and influence he had over people, and his place in musical history. He has never been replaced.)
Birthday:   May 2, 1969- (It was the age of Aquarius- and I was born a bull headed Taurus)
Any Comments:   Support Local music. If we don't it will become an endangered species.
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  02/03/01 11:49:43 AM  
What is your name?   Paul Hershberger
Your website:   She Don't Like Me- A Push Down & Turn Page
Fave song on Undone:   Undone
Top 5 cd's:   "Live Through This"-Hole, "Undone"-Push Down & Turn, Third Eye Blind S/T, Verve Pipe S/T, So Much for the Afterglow-Everclear
Fave Actor:   Tom Hanks
Fave Actress:   Courtney Love
Quote to live by:   "Don't be bitter and mean cause you don't fit in, it's a GIFT. Look at you, you've got your individuality, you don't have the herd instince. You can read Nietzsche and understand it." Courtney Love
Fave song:   Motorcylce Driveby-3eb/Undone-PD&T
Best PDT moment:   The time we drove to Broadripple in 2 ft. of snow, and it took us about 6 hours!!! I pushed our butts out of a cornfield, and was soaken we all day!
No. of PDT shows attended:   12, or so
First album you bought:   "Nevermind" Nirvana
1st concert:   OzzFest 97
Birthday:   11-2-81
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