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Design the Official She Don't Like Me Flyer

This is YOUR chance to really help publicize the band. Make a flyer promoting the band, send it to me, and you could win! Contest starts March 1, 2001, and will end on April 1, 2001. Flyers need to be sent in .jpg form to
Flyers MUST include the following:
- The name "Push Down & Turn."
- The word "Valentine" &/or "Undone."
- Why people should call in to their radio station, and/or buy the album.
- The URL (if you could throw in the URL, you'd make me smile!)

Sounds easy, right? If you choose to include photos, please make them black and white. The winner's art work will be displayed on the page, and will be distributed to fans to pass out at shows, etc. Any questions can be sent to me at

Prize: Well, I haven't really decided what all the winner will recieve. But, they will get a prize! :)