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Welcome to She Don't Like Me
A Push Down & Turn Fan Site Born 10/08/00

Last Updated:  7/27/01

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7/27- Hey people. Long time no see! There's been quite a bit going on in the PDT world, I've just been lazy and haven't updated! I'm going to be doing a major update soon, along with fixing some of the problems in the site. Let me know if you want to have anything included (pics, etc). Sign the guestbook! I'll be in touch soon!  Paul

5/16- If you missed the premiere of the "Valentine" video, then make sure you tune into WTHR's morning show this Saturday (the 19th).  Be sure to check out the PDT Yahoo Club!
If you've stumbled across this site from the's Member Spotlight, please check out the site, and let me know what you think. If you'd like more information about the band, please, feel free to email me, or check the band's offical site out. If you're interested in hearing some of the band's music,  just drop me a line, and I'll point you in the right direction. If at all possible, check out, you'll find any info you need there, including the song's. Please sign the guestbook, and come back! :-)  If you'd like more info on ANYTHING, from the band, to the layout, to where you can find Push Down & Turn's music in your area, or how you can help them out, simply email me!

4/27- Some of the stuff on the page is not working. I'm sorry... I'm trying to fix it. "She Don't Like Me" will be featured as's Feature Member Spotlight Site on May 10! And just to share more happy news, I got a job at Verizon Wirless Music Center for the summer! Yay! And Wonderdrug got added to WRZX's May Day concert!
4/20- Happy 4:20 for all of y'all pot heads out there! ;)  I updated the picture page! It took me forever, so, please check it out!!! I'm sure there will be some flaws, so, just wait as I fix them. The poll is messed up for now, I'm working on getting that fixed.
**Don't miss the festivities at the Patio Saturday!!!**

4/19- Aiight. So I've been lazy lately, and have been neglecting the site. Sorry! I'm currently updating some of the pages, and will be revamping the entire photo section soon, adding thumbnails for quicker loading (it's amazing what simple HTML can do! :) SOme of the photos on the  Postcards page are whack, and will remain that way for a few days. Sorry again! Remember- the premiere of the Valentine video is THIS Saturday at the Patio. Make sure you get there! If you live across the Pacific Ocean, or are under-aged, make sure you tune into FOX 59 the first week of May for the television premiere! Make sure to send my your pictures and what not. I want to start a page on here with all pictures of YOU the fans, but, that won't happen unless you send me your picture! Don't be shy! Drop me a line, or get a hold of me on AIM (SN: PushDownTurn). Be sure to add to the on-going story, which, is in poor shape, and take the quiz for goodness sakes!  Also, check out the new "Fans" Page. It's in a different format. Also added an AIM Club. If you have AOL Instant Messenger, add yourself to the club. Or, just get yourself a kick ass PD&T buddy icon! Adios!
3/14- Hey Bois and Grrls. I was on Spring Break, and haven't updated for a while. But, I will. Soon. Please check the site out, and add you two cents here and there. I'm trying to make this as interatctive as possible, but, it won't work if nobody takes advantage of the different sections!
3/1- Congratulations to Kylie Clouser- winner of the signed copy of "Undone." Check the contest page for a new quiz, and your chance to win a signed PD&T hat! *Also, just for fun, I added an interactive story! You can add to it by clicking here. I'll be adding it to the Fans Page. Please check it out, and add your 2 cents.
Top Ten High Scorers:
1.Kylie Clouser
2. Melissa Wiersema
3. Keela
4. Ralph
5. Lisa
6. Amy Stiller
7. Michelle
8. Andy Bowen
9. Robere
10. KC
2/28- March is contest month here at "She Don't Like Me." Check the Contest page for your chance to win! There will be a new quiz released tomorrow. There is also a contest to design the flyer for this site! I'm also working on getting another contest started, so, just keep checking back. Get your flyers to me!
2/27- Got AOL Instant Messenger? If so, send me your name and your Screen Name, and get added to the PD&T Fan AIM List! (Coming to the fan page soon.) Need AIM? Click here. Please get those Screen Names into me ASAP! :)
  *March will bring new contests. A new quiz will be added, along with a contest that has YOU singing! Sound exciting? Well, just wait as I get all the details together!
2/26- Alright kids. I've decided to mess around with yet ANOTHER new layout!!! Surprise, surprise! Like it? Hate it? Please let me know! Any comments/questions/contributions/monetary donations (hey, I can hope, can't I?) can be e-mailed to me, or sign the guestbook! Also, please vote for me for a top 100 fan site! See the link below.

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