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General Info


For the Fans

Name: Michelle


City: Louisville

State: Kentucky

 Fave song on Undone: Undone

Top 5 fave cd's:
Undone- PDT, Live- Throwing Copper,
Violent Femmes- Viva Wisconsin,
Mental Jewelry- Live,
Sunday Six- Sunday Six

Fave actor: Kevin Spacey

Fave actress: Kathy Bates

Quote to live by: Fuggit!

Fave song: Add It Up- Violent Femmes

Best PDT moment: Seeing a man hump his keyboards and finding that dead sexy.

Number of PDT shows attended: 6

First record you ever bought: the soundtrack of "Grease"

First concert attended: Oh, how I hate to admit this....New Kids on the Block, January 1990

Your Birthday: July 23, 1976