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Unsure of the meaning of a word used in a Push Down & Turn song? Well, this will be the place to find out!

Napalm (The Napalm Song)- noun. Jelly used for fire bonds: a highly flammable jelly produced by mixing a thickening agent with gasoline and used in flamethrowers and fire bonds.

Jaded- adj. Bored: no longer interested in something, often because of having been overexposed to it.

Languid- adj. Without energy. Lacking high and energy.

Indian Summer- noun. Mild Autumn weather; a period of mildly sunny weather occuring in Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

Cheryl Tiegs (T-Top Queen)- noun. The highest paid model in the 70's. Appeared in manyAmerican fashion magazines. Also posed for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

MUCH more coming soon!