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PDT Quiz
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March/April Quiz
March/April Quiz
Hi! This is the place to quiz your Push Down & Turn knowledge! Please use your first and last name, and e-mail address, so I have a way to contact you if you win. The winner will recieve a signed PDT hat! Good Luck!


1. Which band member majored in Communications -AND- Music?
A. Matt
B. Tay
C. J. Brown
D. J. Barth
E. Sam

2. Which band did PDT NOT share the bill with at X-Fest 99?
A. Buckcherry
B. Oleander
C. Powerman 5000
D. Kittie
E. Kid Rock

3. Which band was not featured on the Abercrombie cd that included "Chicken Little?"
A. Blues Travelers
B. Tonic
C. Reel Big Fish
D. Freddy Jones Band
E. Save Ferris

4. Which member played the Mandolin on "Undone?"
A. J. Barth
B. Sam
C. Tay
D. J. Brown
E. Matt

5. What is the street addy the band lived at in Greencastle?
A. 305
B. 813
C. 202
D. 1102
E. 908

6. Who's birthday is on Valentine's Day?
A. J. Barth
B. J. Brown
C. Matt
D. Sam
E. Tay

7. Who's first concert was John Cougar Mellencamp?
A. Matt
B. Sam
C. Brown
D. Barth
E. Tay

8. Rob traveled with what band back in the day?
A. Asthma
B. The Gas Masks
C. Caper
D. The Lincoln Logs
E. Halfway Down

9. Which member attended a Fiona Apple Concert in March 2000?
A. Tay
B. Matt
C. Sam
D. Brown
E. Barth

10. Which band was not on the 97 H.O.R.D.E. Bill?
A. Beck
B. Ben Folds Five
C. Soul Coughing
D. Dovetail Joint
E. Toad The Wet Sprocket
What is the First and Last name of the singer of "The Over Caffienated Trio?"

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