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Tay Bourquein
Fave Song on Undone:I would have to say Valentine and Undone.

 Fav 5 albums: Pink Floyd the Wall, Pale Divine-Pale Divine, Samples no-room, U2 Joshua Tree, Led Zeppelin IV

 Biggest influence: My biggest influence would have to be my mother.

1st album bought: Foreigner - "Double Vision"

1st concert: Dokken and Loverboy at Riverbend music center, Cincinnati, OH.

Hero: Tom Petty

 Guilty Pleasure: I will have to use my right as a U.S. citizen to "plead the fifth".

 Dinner: That girl from dark angel. Why do you think?

 Fav Book: ?

 Fav Author: ?

 Fav Song: ?

 Fav Musicians: Tom Petty, Scott Weiland, John Entwistle, Dizzy Gilespie, Winton Marsalis, Jason Barth, Jason Brown, Matt Devore, Sam King.

 Fav Quote: ?

 Most over-hyped thing in the world: The Super Bowl

Most under...: Professional Nine Ball Championships..

 Fav Movie: Star Wars

 Highlight of Career thus far: Eating lunch at the Horde Tour in New Jersey and "Toad the Wetsprocket asked me if they could join me for lunch."

 Best show Memory: Opening for the Counting Crows, Elliot Hall Purdue University

 Most embarrasing moment on stage: Florida Spring Break 1995. We were about to play our last set of a very long evening and I forgot to use the bathroom before returning to stage. After a few songs I decided that I would just walk behind a speaker stack and relieve myself while playing. When I turned around everyone in the band was laughing. I said "What's so funny?" they pointed to the ground behind the speaker stack and there sat my back up bass, drenched