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General Info


For the Fans

name: Tracie Louise Cissell
 city: Louisville(but with Indy in my heart)
 State: Ky( see above)
 fave song on undone: As always Glass Carousel
 top 5 cds:Undone, Medicine Sessions, Dice(Velcro Pygmies) Mental Jewelry(Live), Pyromania (Def Leppard)
 that sucks cause I have 10
 Actor: Gabriel Byrne
 Actress: Sandra Bullock
 Quote: Life is but a dream.  We are only the dreamers.  When we give up the dream is when we start to die.-ME
 Fave song: tie: Amazing Grace, Flame Still Burns
 Number of shows... I quit counting when I hit year 6 with these guys
first record: The Game By Queen(long live Freddy)
 first concert- Elvis Presley
Birthday: Like these answers don't date me... May 2, 1969(god bless the age of aquarius)